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Your business environment is evolving rapidly.  If you didn’t need help in understanding and navigating legal or regulatory challenges facing your business, you probably would not be looking at this web site.  Gingold Law Firm PLLC is here to help guide you through the gauntlet.  My goal is to meet and hopefully exceed your expectations.

Gingold Law Firm PLLC is committed to one-on-one direct client service with corporate in-house and large law firm experience.

The primary industry segment focus of Gingold Law Firm PLLC is the health care and insurance industry.  Substantive legal services include contracting, regulatory representation, reform-related contingency planning, and dispute resolution.

Please explore my website, contact me or visit my office. Thanks very much for your interest in Gingold Law Firm PLLC.

Jeff Gingold

Managing Attorney